MEDICAL LAB SYSTEM was established from the union of an accomplished team of professionals with thirty years of experience in the design and engineering of healthcare facilities and highly technological building components.

MEDICAL LAB SYSTEM stands out as a reference point both at a national level and at an international level within the ”turnkey” development of healthcare facilities through the use and the engineering of prefabricated elements.

Prefabrication is a construction system based on the serial industrial development of on-site assembly units which does not limit the freedom of projects while obtaining the best aesthetics.

Indeed, in the healthcare and hospital field, construction projects increasingly veer towards the prefabrication system; in particular in critical areas, such as OP, ICU and ER blocks, outpatient departments, dentist clinics, labs, clean rooms and hospital areas flexibility, adapting to new technologies, maintainability and hygiene are deemed to be essential and fundamental requirements to design and obtain a high-quality product.

The MEDICAL LAB SYSTEM team makes available to its clients its thirty-year ability to innovate without any limitation on the design freedom to create highly technological and functional and appealing healthcare facilities.