The MEDICAL LAB SYSTEM wall module is designed to allow for the perfect flush integration with all the necessary elements to complement settings, such as for example:

DOORS – The door modules are always integrated in the walls structure. They may be supplied in different types (sliding doors/shutters and manual/automated doors) and different finishing such as laminated HPL, painted sheet, stainless steel or glass.

SCRUB UNITS – of different materials (stainless steel, CorianĀ®) and size, with anti-smear moulded basin complete with manual or electronic dispensing units, they can be equipped with elbow-controlled or automated tap.


  • Air intakes with special stainless steel mono-block assembly
  • Integrated technological utilities (gas, electricity and room controls)
  • Glazed modules and visuals with or without built-in screen
  • X-Ray viewer and OR clock system
  • Technical cabinets (ducted, medicine-holder)
  • Pass-box, pass-trough window

All the designed and supplied elements are certified and installed according to internationals legislation and standards.


medical lab plusĀ