The MEDICAL LAB SYSTEM engineers offer their experience to and are in constant contact with the main industry operators, hence they are always up to date with the latest news and the most modern technologies so as to give clients state-of-the-art solutions.

MEDICAL LAB SYSTEM develops its projects on the basis of FOUR CORNERSTONES:

DESIGN – The entire design activity is made in-house from the very beginning and developed in close contact with the end-client in order to allow for fast design schedules.

PRODUCTION – After obtaining the approval of the construction design, the staff follow through the production stages of the individual elements, manufacture them in-house with millimetric precision and designing each element so as to allow for an easy and fast installation.

INSTALLATION – The installation is performed by trained staff able to precisely manage installation times and to allow, where possible, for the contemporary performance of different activities.

MAINTENANCE – Across all the stages of work we have clear in mind the importance of an easy and fast maintenance of the integrated facilities, with the opportunity to operate on just one side of the wall, allowing the other settings to continue operation.

Cladding, equipments & accessories for healthcare facilities